Floor coatings

The trafficked concrete surfaces used in multi-storey and underground car parks are divided into top decks & exposed areas, ramps, intermediate decks and ground-bearing slabs. The coatings on these four floor types are exposed to varying phenomena. Consequently, different technical requirements are placed on their respective coating systems.

Duplicate of Top Decks & Exposed Areas

On open parking decks that are completely exposed to the weather, there are more influences affecting the coating system than in the case of interior surfaces. These include heat from the sun's radiation, UV light and rapid temperature changes during thunderstorms. Many regions also experience cold, ice and snow in the winter months. OS 10 and OS 11 systems are normally used as the coating system on exposed decks.

Duplicate of Ramps

On the ramps of both multi-storey car parks and underground car parks, the floor wear layers are subjected to high mechanical stress from accelerating and braking vehicles. Consequently, highly abrasion-resistant coating systems are common on such surfaces (OS 8), often in combination with carefully embedded, hard aggregates and dry-shake sand or similar.

Duplicate of Intermediate Decks

Trafficked deck slabs tend to provide the largest surface area of purpose-built car parks. In multi-storey car parks, the various parking levels are usually open at the sides, while in underground car parks they are invariably closed off. Intermediate decks are the domain of robust epoxy resin and KineticBoost® coatings (OS 8), occasionally in combination with crack patching systems. Some specialist planners prefer crack-bridging OS 10 and OS 11 coatings on these surfaces.

Duplicate of Ground-Contact Floor Slabs

For the ground-contact floor slabs of purpose-built car parks, the planning engineers and architects usually select resistant epoxy resin or KineticBoost® systems (OS 8). Such surfaces must be carefully blasted and sealed before coating to ensure a durable, long-lasting bond.




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